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Better employee experience with Human Capital Management

July 31, 2019
By marketing peoplestrong
Better employee experience with Human Capital Management

For organizations still considering going automated, the concept of HR on Cloud may seem daunting, but its actually much easier to do than it looks.

PeopleStrong’s Human Capital Management is India’s first HR app that offers an HRIS systems to manage all HR processes. Under the Human Capital Management module, everything from onboarding to exit management can be processed effortlessly from any place and time. The Payroll module lets you work on the integrated payroll solutions on the cloud and get rid of all payroll complexities in one go.

With more than 5,00,000 active users and approximately 1.25 million transactions clocking in per month, it just affirms the company’s belief that an HR app needs to, first and foremost, provide navigational comfort. A powerful but simple user interface ensures that customers are able to access HR operations and HRIS in its entirely as a software module where every employee-facing process has been mapped on the system.


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