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ASEAN Business Partners and PeopleStrong join hands to help organizations be Future-Ready

February 5, 2021
By marketing peoplestrong
ASEAN Business Partners and PeopleStrong join hands to help organizations be Future-Ready

ASEAN Business Partners (ABP), the leading market entry specialist firm in ASEAN, and PeopleStrong, the leading HR SaaS company from India – announced a strategic alliance at ABP’s Jakarta office. The partnership aims at providing a comprehensive solution to companies in ASEAN to help them increase employee productivity, improve employee morale and empowerment, and to enable companies and their employees to work together for optimal and sustainable growth.

ABP will be the licensed partner in Indonesia, Philippines, and other parts of ASEAN for One – a HRM platform and end-to-end digital solution for enterprises comprising of Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Human Capital Management. One is a unique initiative by PeopleStrong to provide unified experience to its users with no integration hassles. ABP will also distribute PeopleStrong’s latest product Collaboration, which optimizes the approach to positive employee experience and engagement through its artificial intelligence and chatbot solutions.

Speaking on the occasion, Kiran Kumar, Founding Member & Chief Global Markets shared “We are extremely pleased and honored to have ASEAN Business Partners as our partner as we expand into the South East Asia markets. The partnership between the leading Enterprise HR Tech in Asia and the leading professional services firm in ASEAN is bound to create synergy to better value add to companies that are looking to transform their HR digitally, create next level experience for their employees and make highly productive and agile workplace.”

“We are glad to be working with PeopleStrong as their ASEAN partner. PeopleStrong have developed a fabulous product and proposition which their clients are deighted with, as evidenced by their top of class ratings in user feedback. We are delighted to expand their services into ASEAN so that forward-looking companies in ASEAN also have the benefit of this outstanding service,” said Sumit Dutta, Founder & CEO of ASEAN Business Partners.

ABP, which offer a range of bespoke services for new and existing businesses in ASEAN region, sees the partnership with PeopleStrong as a pivotal move to better equip companies in Indonesia and other parts of ASEAN with cost-effective digital solutions that promote higher productivity, increased employee morale and better real time decision making.

About PeopleStrong:

PeopleStrong is Asia’s leading Work and HR Technology company, headquartered in India. With over a million users from 350+ enterprises across industries, PeopleStrong impacts the people productivity and experience agenda of enterprises and accelerates their journey towards the #NewCodeofWork. PeopleStrong’s product suite includes next-gen applications in the space of HR Technology (Talent Acquisition, Human Capital Management, Talent Management), Productivity, Analytics and Platform. Known for its penchant to innovate, PeopleStrong has many firsts to its name, the recent one being the application of Machine Learning in Recruitment (through Match Making) and Employee Experience (through Asia’s first HR Chatbot Jinie). PeopleStrong is the first company in the space to be successfully assessed on SSAE18 and recently won the prestigious CIO’s Choice Award for Talent Management on Cloud.

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About ASEAN Business Partners:ASEAN Business Partners is an independent, market entry specialist that helps internationally oriented companies manage and grow their operations in ASEAN sustainably and profitably.

We help customers to choose the right country to invest in ASEAN, the right business partners to engage with and we help them identify the right strategy for them to succeed in their chosen market. Additionally, with the help of our strong local teams on the ground in ASEAN, we help them to execute and deliver the strategy successfully and profitably, avoiding the common pitfalls which multi-national companies face in emerging markets.

We are located in different countries in ASEAN as well as in the West including US, Canada, UK, and UAE. Our executives have worked as CEOs, CFOs and in other senior positions in top multi-national companies.

We are passionate about ASEAN, the highest growth market in the world, and we believe it will be the market of choice for forward-looking international companies of the future.

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