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9Box Toolkit: How To Create And Use The 9Box In Performance

May 21, 2020
By Vikram Kohli
9Box Toolkit: How To Create And Use The 9Box In Performance

The 9 Box Grid is a simple, yet powerful tool that can be used to support all aspects of the Succession Planning Process – from assessment and talent review through development and talent planning.

  • The 9 Box Grid is a matrix; the 9 boxes in the matrix are defined as a result of the relationship between Performance and Potential when both attributes are defined at three levels (e.g., Low, Medium, High).
  • Clearly defining both Performance and Potential at all three levels will provide a common language and set of standards by which talent can be discussed, assessments can be calibrated, and succession planning decisions made.
  • Talent review discussions now will be more

The x-axis out here represents Performance and the y-axis represents Potential. Explanation of each box is as follows:

  1. Enigma (Potential Gem): High Potential / Low Performance
  2. Growth (High Potential): High Potential / Moderate performance
  3. Future Leaders (Star): High Potential / High Performance
  4. Dilemma (Inconsistent Players): Moderate potential / Low Performance
  5. Core (Core Players): Moderate potential/ Moderate Performance
  6. High Impact (High Performers): Moderate Potential / High Performance
  7. Under Performers (Risk): Low Potential / Low Performers
  8. Effective (Average Performer): Low Potential / Moderate Performance
  9. Trusted (Solid Performer): Low Potential / High performance
  10. Customize parameters of the 2 dimensions, based on organization’s need. Eg – Potential, Performance, Skill, Values etc.
  11. Ability to create 9 Box as well as 16 Box
  12. Rename labels of each grid in the 9 Box
  13. Define scale in each dimension
  14. Enable or Disable 9 Box in a performance cycle – ( You can disable in Half Yearly review but enable in Final Review)

Step 1: Go to Performance Design
Step 2: Click on the Configure Feedback Tools
Step 3: Come down to section 9Box Configuration
Step 4: Enter your desired Parameters for the X and Y-axis

Step 1: Go to Performance Review
Step 2: Select Review
Step 3: Go to 9Box section
Step 4: View the 9Box insights along with the parameters you have entered

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