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7 Ways To Find the Right HR Tech Partner for A Manufacturing Organization

May 14, 2021
By marketing peoplestrong
7 Ways To Find the Right HR Tech Partner for A Manufacturing Organization

In the last year, the manufacturing sectors have seen a complete change in the way they operate because of the pandemic. Partial or total shutdown of processes due to the lockdown, increase in the number of shifts with a reduction in the facility’s worker capacity, wage cuts, and lowered productivity was seen as the problems that foreshadowed the pandemic period. According to the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI), India’s industrial output has dropped 3.6 percent from 2020 in February 2021.

However, with the help of HR tech, which includes cloud-based software, managing the resources has become more convenient and streamlined. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have made a remarkable contribution towards improving the overall quality of operations in HR tech. According to a study by MPI Group, 34% of manufacturers have plans to integrate IoT technology into their processes. While organizations like yours may be considering to or already have begun the process of integrating a third-party HR solutions software, there are certain factors to keep in mind while finding the right fit for you. This blog will ensure that you pick the vendor who will benefit your operations and facilitate further improvement in the management of HR functionalities.

  • 1. Understand the Differences in HR Tech Providers:

While browsing your alternatives in HR tech vendors, it is of great importance that you understand what distinguishes one brand from the other. Most of the HR tech partners will provide an umbrella of services that are similar to each other. However, comparing these features alongside and finding which of them caters to every business demand of your HR system will help you find the best match.

  • 2. Choose an HR Technology That Supports Your Employer Brand and Hiring Strategy:

Most HR software vendors provide the same set of services, with some additions or extra benefits. However, what should match the most is whether or not the brand you are considering fits your organization’s recruiting strategy. Every organization has a different course of action regarding hiring appropriate staff, with various stages and rounds to find the most compatible candidates. Hence it is imperative that a recruitment software that already possesses all your prerequisites and has the option to customize or build upon the existing package is chosen to be your HR tech partner.

  • 3. Prioritize Onboarding Functionality That Engages Employees:

The pandemic has created a disconnect among all employees and their corresponding teams. The Human Resources department is responsible for bringing all the employees together to keep the team’s spirit and ideology cohesive. The bond between a new employee and the rest of the group or department may take some time to develop since they may need guidance to be shown around the way their new organization operates. Keeping this in mind, partner with an onboarding software vendor that focuses on making the process engaging and inclusive for the employees to settle down quickly and find their niche within the organization naturally.

  • 4. HR Tech Should Help You Positively Impact Culture and Engagement:

It has been challenging to keep up the employees’ morale during such difficult times; however, work culture has a substantial role to play in this aspect. While HR executives and managers can personally reach out to only a limited number of employees simultaneously, they can use the help of HR software that promotes a better working environment, positive work culture, and improves employee engagement. The right software will keep the staff involved and attentive, which is one of the pillars of workplace satisfaction. Technology doesn’t refer to being mechanical, but with the help of AI, it is now possible to have a human touch in all HR activities, where it is required the most.

  • 5. Prioritize Ease of Use for Successful Integration:

Considering you have shortlisted at least three of your top HR tech contenders, one of the major deciding factors would be how easy it is to operate by your human resources officials. Since most organizations’ administrative departments have been working from home since 2020 with no end in sight, HR software should make work simpler for such officials rather than complicate things due to sophisticated technology. The dashboard, day to day tasks should be seamless, with automation taking over redundant processes through automation. A beneficial tech vendor will also provide a short training time for the organization’s staff so that they can learn the ropes of the software quickly.

  • 6. Complete Due Diligence:

Employee experience is a crucial factor for the success of your organization, which is also a value that your HR tech partner should extend. A huge responsibility of being a good employer is to protect the privacy of employees”. HR databases consist of sensitive information for various procedures and going paperless possesses a lot more benefits than maintaining physical records. An ideal HR technology can store a plethora of highly confidential data, such as bank account details, Social Security numbers, medical records, and other information you are legally bound to protect. It is your responsibility to conduct your research and choose a payroll partner that takes the best measures to protect your organization’s staff data. Consider speaking with the vendor and reading their contracts before you trust them and join hands.

  • 7. Follow a Service Model which is as Committed to Your Success as You Are:

Last but not least, your business’ success is dependent on you, but a technological upgrade can boost your results exponentially. Before choosing an HR tech partner, ensure that they have a service model that aligns with your business plan and matches your ambition to expand.  98% of business organizations report that a single hour of downtime costs them over $100,000. Customizable software systems that grow with you and can be built upon with additional features as needed will help you avoid such events by automating your HR processes.


Technological reforms are a mandatory process in every aspect of society, especially the economy. As businesses become more efficient, there are alternative methods devised to make operations quicker and more efficient while improving the quality to have optimal productivity levels. This also extends to the manufacturing industry, which is labour intensive and requires better ways to streamline the human resource management process. With vendors such as PeopleStrong, your organization stands a chance to build a stronger foundation based on technology for your human resources operations such as recruitment, training, payroll, and performance appraisal. The future of HR in the manufacturing industry, like every sector, lies in cloud systems, remote working, and global access, which will help you keep up with times and competitors all over the world.

Join the PeopleStrong Effect and become part of a technological movement where Human Resources are not just a support system but active contributors to your organization’s profit.

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