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6 reasons why HRMS is a must to have software

August 11, 2020
By marketing peoplestrong
6 reasons why HRMS is a must to have software

We are today In the midst of a global crisis wherein COVID-19 pandemic warns each one of us with a drastic shift in the way the world will work in the future.Every business is responding to the need for digitization by deeply investing in automation of its processes and thereby focusing on doing more with less.

With employees being at the centre for every organization a software for HR management will be an important aspect of the overall organization ecosystem.While all the industries are struggling to enable a digital workforce and adapt to the new normal, at such times the HRMS system would assist HR teams to manage their operations within a few clicks leading to significant improvement in the productivity and hence driving efficiencies.

As we roll over the challenge of adjusting ourselves to the new ways if working & focus on driving collaboration across the organization HR leaders are expected to be at front foot. We need to aim at 2 things currently one we need to make our organization future ready and at the same time we need to constantly strive to improve the happiness index of our organizations. This can only be achieved if we can leverage technology to deal with majority of the programmed tasks & in return making some room for the HR professional to focus purely on their internal customer delight.

There are several benefits that a human resource management software can bring to an organization. Need of the hour is to focus on improving the organization effectiveness while keeping employees at the centre and HRMS seems to be a boon during these turbulent times.

As we talk about going digital, It is important to understand the benefits which one can drive by investing in the modernized HRMS and below are the six key drivers for implementing an HRMS system:

  • 3 AAA (Access Anywhere Anytime) – Accessibility to the platforms is of prime importance wherein you cannot just restrict people to work from any specific place or desk as entire globe has got converted into the hot desk. Ease of use is the table stake for driving adoption of any new technology. On the go accessibility to key information and introduction of self service will reduce the inflow of basic queries thus contributing towards process efficiency gains
  • Security – As we are walking through a new normal of not just working from home but working from anywhere security and controls needs to be stringent so that you do not miss out org specific info anywhere and everywhere. Thus, It becomes all the more important for an organization to invest into a platform which can guard you from data theft and keep your data safe. Gone are the days when we use maintain p-files for the employee records however with digitization taking over we need to look at data security
  • Centralization of data – Today data has become the talk of the town however we are also going through the crisis of data overload and decentralization. HRMS helps organizations to synthesize their data that can help drive a digital mindset. It helps in creating a “one stop” shop for all data repositories.
  • Drive Productivity – Productivity is one of the core focus area to achieve your business goals. An HRMS should focus on augmenting your business objective and thus helping you drive productivity. An HRMS system helps you focus on process standardization & with automation in place It simplifies the work life. No longer people must go to the HR for getting their records updated, to check about the policy document, to check their leave balances, etc. all of this is available at a click of the button with HRMS in place. HRMS helps reduce a significant amount of transactional inflow & thus contributing towards improved productivity.
  • Re-invent the HR Wheel – HRMS facilitates a 360 degree turn into your day to day operations. You get more time to move up the value chain instead of just getting stuck in the web of operational tasks. HR professionals needs to focus on bringing about a transformation wave instead of being stuck in the dark hole of managing the transactions.
  • Data Analytics – Having data all around you does not make any sense until and unless It is processed to fuel up the decision making. HRMS empowers you to get processed data with valuable insights which can help you in preparing the plan of action. This helps syou in forecasting the risks and coming up with a mitigation plan.


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