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Hiring Process Templates

Not being able to hire the right people isn’t just costing you sleepless nights. It’s a million-dollar problem (*The average cost of a bad hire ranges from $17,000 to $240,000. – Business News Daily) 

If that cost doesn’t get you thinking, then consider this 👇 

Arriving at the right hiring process can take years of trial and error, expertise, and sifting through complex guides. Meantime, companies continue to lose hundreds and thousands $$ directly and pile up indirect costs such as culture mismatch, unfulfilled expectations from the role & a lot of heartburn. 

That’s why we have turned our domain experience into actionable insights and created these ready-to-use hiring templates. 

Use these templates to discover:  

  • Step-by-step breakdown of the hiring process from requisition management, sourcing, screening, selection process to onboarding along with their SOPs (standard operating procedures).
  • Recommendation & tactics to automate your hiring pipeline and improve sourcing efficiency.
  • How to build a unified candidate experience that brings your EVP (employer value proposition) to life
  • Best onboarding practices, so you don’t leave your new hires in the maze.
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