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Win the war for talent,
without an army of recruiters

APAC’s top brands and hiring teams leverage our powerful
talent acquisition platform to hire and onboard the best

Trusted by the world’s best employers

Make talent acquisition and onboarding
experience - delightfully easy

Your recruitment teams juggle with thousands of resumes, JDs, emails, workflows, approvals daily.

Our Talent Acquisition suite leverages AI to simplify recruitment and makes onboarding a delight.
hr tech talent acquisition software

Built to manage recruitment at scale


Configurable, automated, AI-powered workflows

talent acquisition solutions

Seamless, effortless onboarding experience

talent acquisition and recruitment

Integrate hiring channels, systems, workflows

talent acquisition management

Data-backed insights and dashboards

Be the employer-of-choice
in the talent economy

1 Recruit
2 Onboarding
1 Recruit

Level up your talent acquisition

Transform your hiring team with our AI-powered recruitment engine.

Create a seamless hiring experience that both your recruiters and candidates will love!

  • Automate processes and workflows to source and attract the best talent at scale
  • Integrate your job listings with social media platforms, internal portals, and 350+ job boards
  • Speed up, streamline your approvals by creating a centralised recruitment ecosystem for all stakeholders
  • Leverage AI-driven insights and recruiter dashboards to source the best talent faster
2 Onboarding

Make their first experience with your organisation a delight

  • Hassle-free, paperless remote/virtual onboarding across your organisation
  • Automated, configurable task execution for faster administrative actions
  • Improve your processes with insights, reports, and feedback
null superapp to manage people, processes and EX. talent focused enterprise.

Trusted by top enterprises, award-winning platform

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3 million+

CVs processed

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90% user

Adoptions across 100+ customers

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350+ job boards

Supported across 180+ countries


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Acceptance than industry standards

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