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Build personalized
employee journeys
ー at scale

Employee lifecycle that wows at all the touchpoints, from onboarding to exit

Transform Employee Experience from Hire to Rehire


Put critical lifecycle tasks on autopilot

Easy-to-use dynamic workflows that automate tasks & approvals

  • Bring 10X velocity to your HR processes with customized, automated workflows
  • Define pre-approved workflows for complex processes such as confirmation, promotion, transfer, exit, etc.
  • Stay updated with confirmation status reports, SLA-based alerts and periodic reminders to L1 managers

Say goodbye to tracking employee lifecycle on emails and sheets.

Entire lifecycle management at your fingertips

  • Track lifecycle events in a single, chronological timeline
  • Create a seamless digital experience from hire to retire with system generated letters
  • Insights to help you manage positions, workforce, and attrition

Managing contractual employees made hassle-free

Sign-in new candidates, renew, extend or terminate contracts efficiently in an all-in-one system

  • Adhere to complex contracts and control organizational structures using automated workflows
  • Never miss an important deadline – set reminders around the contract end date and renewal
  • Control and audit your contracts from anywhere and from any device

Goodbyes can be hard. Make them count.

Exit processes made simple and less awkward

  • Manage multiple exit types ー resignation, absconding cases, termination, and retirement
  • No Due Clearance (NDC) process, handovers, exit interviews, experience or relieving letter, and notice buy-outs ー all at one place
  • Rehire an ex-worker ー create a new work relationship while their existing record in the system stays

Keeping People at the center of Employee Lifecycle

Lifecycle Dashboard

All milestones related to confirmation, transfer, and promotion on one platform

Automate all the

DIY workflows at each stage of employee journey

Visualize ELC better

Status reports and report schedulers at each progressing stage of ELC

Templatized letters

Generate letters with unique barcode for employees in no time

null superapp to manage people, processes, and EX. talent-focused enterprise.

Our customer stories

Our vision of delivering an integrated employee experience to our 70,000+ distributed workforce has come to life with PeopleStrong.
Sukhjit Pasricha
President & Group CHRO, Kotak Mahindra Bank