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Prakash Rao
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Prakash Rao

Founding Member & President - Customer Success, PeopleStrong

As the President - Customer Success, Prakash drives a prolific team of HR and HR Tech professionals across multiple geographies to deliver a superlative customer experience and meet PeopleStrong’s commitment of bringing joy, energy, and meaning for our 2 million users.

Work Mode

With over two decades of experience in HR, Prakash has led and orchestrated numerous digital HR transformations for some of the biggest names and enterprises of Asia. He is obsessed with finding innovative ways of creating real impact with HR Tech that’s amazingly simple and effective. He is driven by the quest of solving complex problems for customers and creating a culture of customer centricity.

Prior to joining PeopleStrong, Prakash worked with Mphasis, where he managed staffing for their BPO division.

Life Mode

Sports is the one true love of Prakash’s life. He is a steady follower of the English Premier League and a diehard fan of Manchester United. Prakash also follows cricket closely with equal amounts of enthusiasm and excitement. He was one of the millions who went teary eyed when Sachin Tendulkar retired from the gentleman’s game. At home, Prakash is a loving dad and playful pet parent.


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