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Amit Thapliyal
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Amit Thapliyal

Vice President - Marketing, PeopleStrong

Amit leads the brand, growth and global marketing strategies at PeopleStrong.

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As a full-stack B2B marketer with over 15 years of global experience, Amit has a keen focus on business impact & expertise in brand storytelling, bringing to the table a deep understanding of digital ecosystems and an ability to transform marketing teams into Revenue Engines.

Amit has also been a part of the strategy for three startup incubation teams, enabling them to set up business models and marketing roadmaps successfully. As one of the pioneers of the Indian SaaS Marketing community, Amit continues to consult pro-bono and mentor young guns

Life Mode

A wanderer at heart, Amit has the mountains in his blood, and enjoys adventure trails and taking nature photography. Amit is also an avid reader and music aficionado, but mostly gets dragged away by his lovable kids to spend time with them.