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These Chatbots will Take Care of HR Tasks

These Chatbots will Take Care of HR Tasks

The technology being used is a chatbot, a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the internet.

HR companies casually refer to this as a friend who chats with you and helps you with tasks such as booking a flight ticket, reminding you to punch in for your attendance, sending a note to your newly-joined team member or even training you for the next job interview.

Pankaj Bansal said the company is prototyping its bot, which will take care of transaction related work in HR. It will include any logging of information using a paper and pen by an HR manager and replace it with a chatbot. In India, Bansal said, the number of organised workers using HR functions will increase to 100 million in the next three years from 30 million at present. By 2020, he said, 30 million

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