Alt Succession

Do you have a robust talent pipeline for all your mission critical positions?

Plan for Succession = Plan for Success

Best in class functionalities:




Easy DIY Setup

Configure the system through simple questions and start creating succession plans within minutes

Assign Mentors

You can assign mentors to groom the successors

Integration with Performance Management

Comparison becomes easy when performance and potential data is made available through integration.

Create Talent Pool

Create a separate pool of high potentials to assign internal projects.

Develop Succession Plan

Assign development activities to successors and monitor their progress real time

Recommend Successors

System recommends successors based on multiple parameters who will be the best fit for a role.

Identify High-Potential

Easily identify, add successors and track succession plan progress.

Staging area available to build your list of potential successors

Compare the talent pool for right succession.

Fill Critical Position Gaps

System Recommendations helps to reduce bias in selecting successors

Succession Development Plan & Task helps to upskill the successors faster

Easy check-ins for easy updates on progress

Mentors or Coach can be added to groom

Monitor Your Succession Planning Program

Easily create multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios with potential successors for a position.

Conditional formatting to identify gaps & pending retirement

Visually engaging & quick to update

Centralized Planning Process

Ability to holistically view an employee’s performance.

Gain visibility into employees’ career readiness

Personalized, actionable path to success based on factual data

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