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Simplify Onboarding with Alt Worklife

October 5, 2016
Simplify Onboarding with Alt Worklife


Our mantra for any onboarding exercise is “Day 1 magic” : All new employees must have a structured and smooth, no-glitches experience on their first day. Why?

Because, 80% of new employees decide whether to stay or leave, within the first six months. If the initial experience is positive, it is much less likely that you will see attrition. Therefore, it’s very important to have a formal onboarding process in place. The employee will see how much the company has invested in the process to have designated managers for the whole process who may communicate information about their company, expectation about performance etc. 69% of new hires reach their first performance milestone after having gone through a formal induction.

Alt Worklife simplifies onboarding by bringing everything at the tip of your fingers. Right from sending a digital offer on email, to generating an online portal access for the new employee, it also allows him to upload and update all documents pertaining to his employment. A customized welcome mailer greets him when he logs in for the first time and the system prompts him for induction feedback at the end of day zero.

PeopleStrong Alt is all about making it an experience for the user. The platform releases significant HR bandwidth of the HR managers and reduces paper work. It ensures all transactions are taken care of centrally thereby reducing administrative load on all regional and remote work centres.

ps-Simplify Onboarding with Alt Worklife

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