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Long-distance collaborations
Operating from multiple locations? Having trouble explaining design details?
With Zippi join hands with remote teams in real-time. Share your screen to comfortably discuss designs and ideas. Collectively work with vendors, freelancers, clients, and agencies. Collaborate with them for marketing campaigns and events.

Easy connections

Take your vision to the marketing campaigns, events, content and strategies by creating groups in Zippi. Formulate and integrate marketing collaterals such as articles, banners, videos seamlessly with Google Drive and OneDrive. Share your saved work from any device, anytime, anywhere so that your team never misses an update on recent developments.

It’s always customer first

With Zippi, connect your internal teams and customers on a single platform to enable a collaborative point of contact to share real-time feedback and solutions. Gather and share output from your latest campaigns and surveys on Zippi’s unified platform. Experience a custom environment for your organization incorporating the set standards in the way your employees communicate.

Human resources

Fast hiring
A good hiring mechanism lays the foundation for a progressive organization. Hiring no doubt can be tedious but your hiring procedures should not be. Collaborate effortlessly with external vendors, recruiters, candidates and hiring managers all on a single platform. Coordinate, schedule, assign and provide interview feedbacks via Zippi’s unified and diverse integrated platform.

Prospects to hires

Zippi makes hiring transition into the most seamless experience any recruit could imagine. Create a common channel of communication for answering queries and sharing necessary docs on the go. Instantly create unique profiles for the new hires and introduce them to their respective teams on Day One. With smart workgroups, new hires automatically join conversations with their assigned teams.

Embracing employee collaborations

Create an enriching experience for your employees by keeping everyone updated on organization developments. Share information about awards, policy changes, recognition and achievements via one-way communication channels. Instantly solve employee queries with dedicated channels for HR, IT or respective departments. Stimulate transparent and open work culture by sharing relevant and equal information to all the employees. Conduct org-wide campaigns and polls to drive communication among employees and giving them a platform to share their opinions openly.


Never miss a lead
Park your important discussions so that you never lose them in the swarm of messages that come up every single minute of office hours. Never miss the sight of your discussion in the pool of multiple simultaneous conversions. Use threaded messaging to always keep a track of what’s relevant to you barring all the other discussions. Follow your prospects on social media and get all the research and insights you need. Share new accounts/ prospects with the entire team for bringing equanimity to work.

Team activities and more

In the hassle of capturing business, there’s always a need to collaborate from multiple locations. Effortlessly create and assign tasks and deadlines for your entire team on Zippi. Add teammates to a single channel to discuss client queries, share sales forecasts, or to appreciate a job well done!

Celebrate together

Celebrate successes together appreciating and rewarding team efforts. Interact via personalized messages, ditching the traditional emails. Showcase your salesperson of the week and deal of the week as a step towards a healthy and open work culture.

Location is not a barrier when it comes to collectively celebrate each other’s successes.

Customer success

Managing resolutions
Resolve customer queries in real-time by collaborating with product experts, support and implementation team on a single channel. Operating in different shifts? Always update the channel by sharing important messages by tagging them, so that no query is left unresolved. Assign a task to your fellow teammates directly from Zippi, eliminating the need for accessing multiple applications for the same work.

Stay updated, always

Being updated on relevant product features and upgrades is of utmost importance for a customer success manager. Zippi does the job for you by bringing all information on a single screen. Collectively operate with the product teams to get instant answers for all the product related queries. Knowledge sharing has never been this easy, whether it’s gathering knowledge from the product team or guiding the customer on query resolution.

Instant support mechanism

Switching different tools, applications to get notified on important issues is a thing of the past. Bring your customers on a single channel to achieve best possible TAT numbers. Gone are those days where customers would raise a ticket and wait for a reply via email to get answers for the smallest of bugs. Transform the whole process to attain faster response mechanism via Zippi. Zippi provides a space for sharing knowledge and customer feedback about marketing campaigns, which drive the involvement of your customers.

Academic institutions

Knowledge pool
Let the ideas and thoughts flow in the system. Zippi creates a platform for the student community to interact on various topics channels among themselves as well as professors to imbibe a culture of collaborative learning.

Seamless connections

Facing issues in transmitting important information to students and vice versa? Share the latest updates, schedules, modifications and everything relevant that needs to be addressed. The idea is to have a culture of learning that works in real-time.

Courses and more...

Are you maintaining a traditional portal for conducting quizzes, conducting surveys or polls? Zippi is a perfect solution for doing all of this on a single channel with utmost security. Features such as disabled screenshots, no message forwards make Zippi one of the most private and secure environments to transmit knowledge.


Align conversations to business goals

Use Groups to provide the right business context to your team. Define and state business objective up front, create actionable strategic goals. Use # to tag, drive and track all conversations and more towards goals, across messages and Groups.


Work seamlessly in Teams

Connect, collaborate and work efficiently with your onsite, dispersed and remote team, or with experts from cross functional teams. Invite guests to your network- freelancers,vendors and partners without sharing critical data. 


Enter the world of Smart Workgroups

One single place where cross-functional, cross-departmental, remote teams, and Gig workforce come together to- chat, manage tasks, align on ideas, share files,work and more. 

Create unlimited system generated groups- by roles, teams, or for the entire workforce. Use as self-managed broadcasting channels -adds new employees, and deletes exiting employees, automatically.


Secure collaboration

Use single sign-on across multiple devices. Your messages, file sharing, data storage and backup is SSL encrypted. In-app downloads, and screenshot blocking ensures all your critical data stays within the app and completely safe, even after an employee leaves.


Find all your information in one place

No more scrolling though endless emails and folders. Securely share and search files, links and messages, organized contextually. Tag important messages, documents and links. find all tagged information in a separate space, right when you need. Create multi-level threads in a bigger conversation to cut the noise. 


Intelligent collaboration at your fingertips

Work with Zippi Bot- Your Intelligent Virtual Assistant. Integrate HRMS, Learning and Recruitment platforms, or with any other applications using APIs. And get
proactive prompts to comply with policies- punch-in/ out, leaves, learning and much more. 

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