Employee performance review in a modern era: your guide to continuous feedback

Employee performance reviews are in desperate need of an update. According to Gallup, only 14% of employees believe that the performance reviews they receive actually help them improve. And CEB reports that nine out of ten HR leaders don’t even believe the process results in accurate information.

CEB’s whitepaper boldly claims, “Nobody enjoys performance reviews.” Companies struggle so much with them that in 2015, Accenture decided to completely drop the annual performance review—and many other companies have done the same in the years since then.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) shares that “giv­en well, and at the right moment, feed­back can be invalu­able; but giv­en poor­ly, it can feel devastating.”

Gallup polls have found that employees whose managers regularly communicate with them are three times more engaged than those whose managers rarely interact with them. That’s why many HR managers have turned to continuous feedback reviews instead of saving all their feedback for a stressful yearly performance review. These frequent reviews have been found to increase employee engagement, reduce turnover, and improve employee satisfaction.

If you’re one of many companies ready to make the switch, read on: we’re sharing our best tips to help you implement a continuous feedback review system that’s actually effective and pleasant to navigate.

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