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With Alt Recruit make right hiring quick and easy. Get an access to the global recruitment platform for managing end to end recruitment cycle with multiple sources, channels and locations.

Be it onboarding, confirmation, transfer, promotion or separation, find everything on Alt Worklife. Alt Worklife is an intelligent and scalable HR Product to empower enterprizes through seamless user engagement and integration at every stage Scalable HRMS Software

Manage the complete payroll cycle and stay in control from day one with Alt Payroll. Use Alt Payroll processing for small and large multi location businesses. It is a product that is simple, secure, compliant and consistent.

Alt Learning is most trusted platform to learn anything, anywhere and anytime. Let your employees learn at their own pace and comfort, design their own course and progress in their career paths like never before.

Alt Performance, PeopleStrong’s Agile, Continuous, and Business-Centric Performance Management tool helps organizations achieve their business outcomes faster, by bridging the gap between people and business performance. Get Dynamic Goal Management, Agile performance reviews, Continuous feedback management, People Insights and Analytics with Alt Performance

AI & Analytics

Insightful Management of Worklife Powered by Worklife Assistant

Insights and recommendations that drive results/your organization

Get Hindsight, Insight and Foresight powered by Alt Analytics. Dig deep into data and convert information into knowledge . Use this knowledge for talent acquisition and talent management. Use analytics to understand what’s in and what’s out amongst employees.


“Super-power” missing in your Enterprise Tech? Get charged with Jinie. Bring in Jinie’s conversational interface and cognitive services ability for Enterprise-Tech and get everything you need to manage transactions, data, and insights intelligently.


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