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Payroll Management - secure, consistent and compliant

With a workforce spread across locations, are you grappling with multiple payroll processes, numerous pay-components, and inconsistent tax handling? Alt Payroll is the solution for all your payroll requirements.

Empower your team with configurable payroll processes

Empower your payroll managers with the support of a step by step configurable payroll mnagement system so that there are no misses. A very strong validation process of Alt Payroll helps processors to remove post payroll corrections.

Simplify with on-demand configurable salary structures

With multiple work types, multiple hierarchies setting up salary structures should not be a complex process. Your payroll management system will become as simple as it can be.

Partner with your people for payroll

Are your people complaining about accuracy and transparency of the payroll management system? And you would like to involve them but unable to manage the complexities. Alt Payroll has all the answers.

Meet the pay date, every time

Alt Payroll’s 100% automated process, makes 100% accurate pay cheque every time, on-time, across multiple locations possible now. Imagine the happiness it brings to the people which makes them more productive.

Empower employees to manage their pay

Flexi-benefits deliver on their promise only if employees have the flexibility to change them when they want to. Empower your people with FBP planner.

Income tax declaration and proof submission

Allow your people to simulate and plan their tax declaration and avoid any tax discrepancy later.

Payslip and Form 16 on your mobile

Provide access to view pay slips and Form 16 as and when they need it

Queries answered 24X7

Let Jinie answer any payroll related queries your employees might have

So that year ends on a happy note

Financial year-end is one of the highest activity periods in terms of payroll. Your system needs to be ready to manage it the smart way!

Proof submission online

Why go through the manual process to collate proofs across locations when it can be done online. Remove hassles for both you and the employee’s life by automating the submission process along with a tax guide and validations which does not allow the employee to upload wrong values.

Unified input collation

A unified system where all payroll related information be it leaves, taxation, or reimbursement can be accessed and managed automatically through web or mobile. This ensures there is no post payroll reconciliation needed.

Effective query management

Year-end becomes all the way simpler if you can answer queries on time. With the power of AI and mobile, this brings a wow factor to the employees.

Payroll Configuration and Administration

Easy-to-use cloud payroll solution to handle even the most complex payroll requirements with ease

Configurable Pay Structures incorporating voluntary and mandatory payroll deductions

Automatic salary calculations for pro-rata adjustments in salary structure, arrears, reimbursements and other payroll expenses

Add customized earning options like employee bonus, profit-sharing programs, wealth plans for employees

Payroll Configuration and Administration
Integrated Payroll Management System

Integrated Payroll Management System

HR transactions go straight into your integrated payroll management system—so you can stop reconciling data or waiting for integrations to run

Direct Integrations with attendance and payroll management software ensuring accuracy in pay-outs

Ensure accurate data transfer with comprehensive payroll system implementation process

Options for bulk import into our cloud payroll management software eliminate tracking of payroll data in excel sheets

Effortless Payroll Processing

Managing employee exits with secure payroll and compliance management

Seamless Accounting for Gig workforce for every pay structures

Record every accounting transaction with built-in Journal Voucher Builder

Bank advice builder enables you to create bank reports in the multiple formats on the go

Our integrated cloud-based payroll management software assures 100% statutory compliance

Effortless Payroll Processing
Payroll Reports & Analytics

Payroll Reports & Analytics

350+ Pre-defined readily available payroll reports for data driven decision making

Visualize your organization’s payroll information with configurable user dashboards

Give more power to HR and payroll managers with Instant Report Builder for seamless payroll management

Support your payroll vendors and managers with on the go payroll helpdesk “Ask Me”

Employee Payroll Self-Services

Single Source of integrated workforce management and payroll software to access pay summaries, tax summaries, notifications & loan deductions.

Scan and upload bills for an effortless reimbursement process

Secured salary payslips, payroll related claims, re-imbursement and tax computation worksheets with custom passwords

Support your employee payroll with tax liabilities and income tax returns with downloadable payslips, Form 16 and much more

Notifications about investment declarations, Business related expenses, FBP submissions, reimbursement & claim management.

Employee Payroll Self-Services

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