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PeopleStrong Launches Zippi – An Intelligent Enterprise Collaboration Platform

PeopleStrong Launches Zippi – An Intelligent Enterprise Collaboration Platform


“Aims to bring Meaningful and Secure Collaboration at work for mid-large enterprises”

Gurugram, 31 July 2019: PeopleStrong, India’s leading provider of Enterprise Technology for People  today announced the launch of its enterprise collaboration platform “Zippi”. Zippi is a secure and intelligent enterprise collaboration platform, that aims to be a game changer in transforming how people communicate, collaborate and work efficiently in teams. A mobile first application, Zippi is accessible through web interface as well and focusses on driving productivity through effective communication and engagement in the workplace.

PeopleStrong aims to leverage the extensive experience gathered through serving 250+ enterprises and 750 thousand users across Asia, to ensure its users can connect and collaborate seamlessly in this rapidly changing world of work and can achieve more.

Speaking on the occasion Vishal Saha, Founding Member & Chief Technology Officer, PeopleStrong shared, “Today’s teams are far more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic than teams of the past, and their success hinges on effective collaboration. A study by Salesforce states, ~86% employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication as a key factor for workplace failures. This establishes the need for seamless communication that makes workplace collaboration easy and fast. Zippi has the perfect recipe for it”.

Zippi allows users and groups to add business context and alignment to workplace collaboration, bringing a unique layer of differentiation compared to tools available in the marketplace. It allows work groups to align on business objectives and goals and track all related conversations threads, to-dos, tasks and more, to keep discussions focused on what’s most important.

Harsimran Walia, AVP-Technology, PeopleStrong shared, “Zippi allows seamless access to your entire company network and enables system generated groups based on predefined criteria. Moreover, there is no need to sign up, users can login using email, phone, or even employee ID. This provides an unprecedented ease of use and further accelerates adoption in the organization”.

Zippi takes security seriously and allows enterprises to create a secure and private communication channel for the entire workforce. It offers features like: SSO, SSL encrypted messaging, file sharing, data storage and backup, and blocks screenshots.  All messages, links, and files shared on Zippi, stay within the application, even after the employee leaves.


About Zippi

Zippi is a secure and intelligent enterprise collaboration platform that is driving productivity by making conversations contextual, intuitive and seamless. Now cross-functional, remote and external teams can chat, share files and work together more efficiently. Your team’s communication is not scattered across emails, meetings and multiple tools, it is at one single place for everyone. Zippi not only helps teams work together, it also aligns conversations to business objectives to keep the focus on what’s important.

Teams can achieve more with Zippi, using highly intuitive features like; smart workgroups, focussed conversations, contextual task management, polls, appreciation, secure file sharing, AI enabled virtual assistant and much more.


About PeopleStrong:

PeopleStrong is a leading Enterprise Technology company from India, that is enriching experience at work for over 250+ customers and over 750,000 users globally. On its journey to writing the #NewCodeofWork, PeopleStrong product suite includes next-gen applications in the space of HR Technology (Talent Acquisition, Human Capital Management, Talent Management), Collaboration, Intelligence and Analytics and platform. Known for its penchant to innovate, PeopleStrong has many firsts to its name, the recent one being the application of Machine Learning in Recruitment (through Match Making) and Employee Experience (through India’s first HR Chatbot Jinie). PeopleStrong is the first company in the space to be successfully assessed on SSAE18 and recently won the prestigious CIO’s Choice Award for Talent Management on Cloud.


PeopleStrong’s Recruitment Technology (Alt Recruit) is a smart, scalable and one-stop recruitment solution for hiring the top talent. It is not merely an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), rather is AI-enabled, Unified, Intuitive and Intelligent recruitment platform which powers end-to-end hiring processes of 100+ organization across the globe. It is integrated with 50+ candidate sourcing channels, processes over 1 million candidates per year and rolls out 60,000+ joining offers per year. Get in touch with our recruitment solutions executive to know more about Alt Recruit and how we can manage your Recruitments better.

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