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Why Industry

Loves Us

1.2 million

payroll transactions every month

5 Million

Paychecks Processed Annually

30000 CR

Salary Processed Annually

Our Advantages 

Accurate Payroll, Every Time

We assure you with accurate, on-time and transparent payroll management.

Zero Technology investments

We enable the latest payroll technology at an absolute zero cost.

100% Statutory Compliance

We understand that payroll is a sensitive topic and maintain confidentiality at all times.

Reports for Decision Making

Get insightful payroll reports to enable faster decision making across the

Customer Support

We assure you best practices and prompt professional support for all your payroll and compliance related queries.

Data Security

We assure strict data encryption policies with AWS for seamless business continuity

Get the expertise you need

With over 2 decades of payroll services in India, our payroll specialists offer you unparalleled subject-matter expertise.

Our Payroll outsourcing services run on robust our in-house payroll technology solution catering to ever-changing business needs

Our payroll specialists manage over 300,000+ employee reimbursements and over 20,000+ full & final every month.

Payroll Self Services for Employees and Admins

We provide convenient and easy to use self-service portals to employees and HR admins to access and transact seamlessly.

Our backend cloud payroll management system offers secure SSO logins on our web-based self-service portal.

We provide a single window for all payroll outsourcing related services – SLA adherence status, exceptions, Error logs, and much more.

Insightful Payroll reports

We provide in-depth organization wide payroll and compliance reports on the basis of demographic, Headcount, Business Units, Cost Centers etc. to name a few.

Our payroll engine analysis trends and projections along with configurable user dashboards to provide a business understanding to foster your decision-making process.

Give more power to HR and payroll managers with Instant Report Builder for seamless payroll outsourcing.

Compliance That Matters

We ensure to safeguard your organization from ever-changing compliance landscape and financial liabilities arising out of compliance mismanagement.

With 14+ years managing payroll and compliances for 100+ clients, we support a Pan-India Network with access to regional and local expertise in compliance management.

We offer our professional support in auditing, monitoring, and managing end to end payroll and compliance management.

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