The #NewCodeofWork for attracting

beautiful minds, who mind your business


Power of Unified Sourcing

Look at the right place for the right talent.

Let talent reach out to you

  • Over 30+ external sources available in a single click 
  • Chrome Extension based access to major social sites
  • Be it Inbound or outbound – you have it all

AI at the core of Digital Match Making

Match the right talent to the right job.

Get a next-gen talent acquisition system.

  • Powered by Machine Learning
  • Sourcing Recommendations
  • Skill Recommendations

Transactional Depth

Over 17 M hrs of recruiter’s wisdom

Power to manage high power transactions

  • Multi-level configurable workflows from sourcing to fitment to offer
  • New Age AI & ML based ATS platform
  • Fine mix of Transaction and Intelligence

Intuitive Design

A recruiter’s intuition in your tech

Designed to help you make most of the day

  • Designed for the user(s)
  • Actionable insights
  • Mobile First employee app

Open and Connected

The most open and connected recruitment tech

Everything you need for recruiting digitally

  • Connected with next gen recruitment tools for seamless hiring experience
  • APIs for integration with ERPs / HRMS / Intranets / Websites

Data Insights

Actionable insights to add value

Data and insights on demand

  • Actionable Insights
  • Unified view of data

How it works?

  • Download Alt Worklife, Our one stop integrated solution from On-Boarding to Exit

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