Bring in the power of data lake.

To move from employee data to People stories

Alt Analytics

The Power of Data Lake

Bringing all your data together

  • Get a connected view of data from multiple sources
  • Move away from employee reports to people data

Machine Learning- for Intelligent Insights!

Use data for intelligent actions

  • Create custom Storyboards powered by ML algorithms 
  • Setup, recommend & take action on Key metrics

Adhoc dashboards – Build it on the go

Flexibility to create dashboards on demand

  • Create Storyboards with multiple dimensions & measures
  • Get results for your data in any format(ppt, pdf)

HindSight- Hear what your Data says

  • Look at past behaviour and prepare better!
  • Setup, view & take action with Ad-hoc dashboards

Insight- Never miss a Beat!

  • Get ready to view & discover a new way of looking at your data in real-time
  • Change 1 data attribute & see cascading effect on all dashboards

ForeSight- Crystal Gaze into Stories of Future

  • Generate recommendations with predictive analytics
  • Get ready to discover art in numbers
  • Download Alt Worklife, Our one stop integrated solution from On-Boarding to Exit

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