The world is changing in unprecedented ways. Every aspect of life has seen dramatic shifts – social inequality, the technological revolution, and a significant health crisis. Organizations are left with no recourse but to be agile and respond to the rapidly changing environment. As a result, work, organizations, and teams are morphing into new forms and arrangements. They are driven in a wider context by millennial workforces that lives and breathes technology and whose sensitivities demand respect. Besides, flexible and empowered customer-centric teams are the order of the day as technology kills distance (in turn impacting culture). This new generation demands purpose and meaning at work as well as new ways of reward and recognition mechanisms. These are the defining realities affecting all of us today.

In such a dynamic world, the definition of success for organizations is complex and evolving and building them is going to be challenging. And thus, the few companies that are on the right pathway must be celebrated and recognized. That is why we are bringing our New Code of Work Awards to the Philippines as we endeavor to identify and highlight how leading-edge companies and thought leaders across the corporate Philippines are scripting this new wave.

Mr. Gavin Barfield (Chief Information & Technology Integrator at Ayala) and Ms. Mitzie Antonio (HR Director, SVP at Nestle Philippines) will be speaking with Kiran Kumar (Chief Global Markets at PeopleStrong), to decode the New Code of Work.

Key takeaways

What is the New Code of Work?

  • What are the key characteristics of organizations defining the New Code of Work?

  • Launch of New Code of Work Award APAC Edition

Date: 3rd Dec 2020

Time: 5:30-6.30 PM (PH TIME)

Who should attend?

CXOs, Business, HR, and IT Leaders in the Philippines