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Maternity bill 2017– Has it helped in increasing employment for women?

March 9, 2018
Maternity bill 2017– Has it helped in increasing employment for women?

The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, 2017 was a landmark decision. However, few weeks before its 1st anniversary, we asked our community: Has it helped in increasing the number of employed women?

Three recommendations emerged from the community for the Maternity Bill 2017 to have a deeper impact on job-creating for women:

  • Small businesses should get financial assistance from the government to implement maternity benefits
  • Reinforcing the law about not terminating women during or after maternity is critical
  • Organizations should adopt a long-term view on diversity & inclusion as the business benefits will not emerge short term

“A great step by the Government, but they can only give the guardrails. Organizations have to up their agenda beyond virtue signaling! Compensation budgets and manpower planning don’t consider that part of the workforce constitutes of women and one would need to include this in the planning. We plan for campus hires, GET but no integrated thought process for inclusiveness; it’s very patchy. I wish there are some inspiring corporate examples to make this a reality and not just talk about boardroom ratios.” –Shelly Singh, Cofounder, PeopleStrong

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