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Managers must delegate, be ‘growth hackers’ to succeed

Managers must delegate, be ‘growth hackers’ to succeed

Are things not that great at work now? Are you in the middle of chaos, with ambiguity clouding your vision of future? Well, don’t worry — you are not alone. What you are experiencing is a certain ‘mid-level’ crisis, which is an after effect of Covid for most organisations. And while the current phase might seem never-ending, there is a way out. And who else can get through this phase with flying colours than you?

Our days are full of countless notions and stories that we keep hearing about ‘transforming business models’, ‘new face of workforce’, ‘workplace dynamics’ or ‘standard is contagious’. These are just words or notions, but they come to life only when a manager (as we call it) decides to pick ‘the agenda’ as a mission. And even as the work world faces a tectonic shift, the new breed of managers will keep this theme up.

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