Learning @ PeopleStrong

1. SHRM Domain Certification

Continuous improvement follows continuous learning. With a strong focus on people development, we are the only organization in India with 40% of our Work Level 1 empowered with SHRM Domain Certification in the HCM, Payroll & Compliance and/or Recruitment.

By doubling the average tenure in the organization, ever since the certification’s launch, our certified professionals have proven the significance of learning and growth opportunities in a new age workplace.

2. PGP | Purpose Goal Philosophy

Work-life balance is not about time anymore; it begins with balance at workplace. To translate this philosophy into practice, PeopleStrong launched its Purpose Goal and Philosophy program (PGP) in 2017.

PGP is a comprehensive program that has been designed to fit in the busy worklife of our peoplists. The self-nominated participants are categorized into three communities, namely Wellness, Meditation and Teach & Learn, who set their goals and achieve them under the guidance of assigned mentors.

In two seasons, more than 60% peoplists at managerial level have benefitted from the program experiencing improvement in over 12 health metrices; varying from disease symptoms to lifestyle changes.

Health is no more a personal consideration. With the increased time and efforts of people put into work, it is imperative that we create healthier and mindful peoplists.

3. Recognising Trainers

In order to provide ample learning opportunities to all, access to effective mentorship and coaching becomes sine qua non. At PeopleStrong we develop talent by encouraging peoplists to become capable trainers and recognising their contribution to the overall organizational development.

From domain knowledge to leadership skills, these Subject Matter Experts come from all Work Levels in the organization.

Our L&D team recognises the contribution of over 100 trainers every year during the Annual Trainers’ Meet. Top trainers of the year are given exclusive awards.

4. Self-Paced Learning

Training, like technology, has to keep up with not only the changing requirements of the learners but also their preferred medium of interface.

With over 60% of our training content and 100% assessments available online, our peoplists no more have to be bound by time and classroom to satisfy their learning needs. This has been done with help of our very own learning technology, Alt Learning that enables learners through its web and mobile interface for anytime-anywhere ease of learning.

Courses are designed are designed as per the specific needs of employees in every profile which enables them to close their deliverables successfully.