Kiran Kumar

Founding Member and Chief Global Markets


Kiran is one of the founding members of PeopleStrong and is accountable for identifying high-growth markets ensuring profitable growth in alignment with the company’s business strategy. Under Kiran’s leadership, PeopleStrong has grown to become the fastest-growing HR and Work Tech across Asia. Kiran is the proud recipient of PeopleStrong’s highest honor, the Purple Crown, for creating organizational impact by leading PeopleStrong’s Sales Warriors from the front.

Kiran believes that technology shortly will enable HR to manifest in new dimensions with innovative solutions. Mobile Apps and Data as a Service will be leading the way, as the next-gen HR solutions are designed to keep the user at the center.

Before PeopleStrong, Kiran was a part of Aricent’s corporate HR team, where he played a pivotal role in SAP implementation and other HRIT related initiatives in this role. Kiran frequently speaks at various national forums on wider HR management subjects including Entrepreneurship, HR technology, analytics, and data as a service. He also writes on these topics and his articles are covered in leading HR and Business media.

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