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Match need with talent

Having difficulty in finding the candidate with the right skill sets? With Jinie’s intuitive learning capability automatically matches your candidate’s CV with your defined skill sets for any job requirement.

Bulk hiring

Majority of recruiter’s time is absorbed by the mundane activities that do not even need individual attention. Fasten up the recruitment process by empowering decision makers with Jinie’s ability to take bulk actions on the fly.

Insights on the go

Stay ahead of time with constant access to actionable insights by Jinie’s intelligent engine. Predict, forecast and take act so that you know what to expect from the pipeline and why.

Create your own story/ story lines

Jinie empowers your workplace journey with defined procedures for a range of modules to exponentially reduce the manual effort and fasten your everyday work life.

Machine Learning for your People Tech

Resume parsing

Jinie automates the process of searching, sorting and storing candidate resumes with just a click. Jinie’s highly configurable data extraction technique parses numerous resumes and CVs and converts them into multiple subject fields which enables efficient recruitment mechanism. Eliminating manual intervention, saving time and effort and accelerating job closures.

Bill parsing

Provide an unparalleled reimbursement filing experience to every employee across the organization. Quit filling endless forms, manually entering every detail in a standard format and uploading range of documents for verification. With Jinie’s parsing mechanism, reimbursement is just a snapshot away.

Course recommendations

Smart talent management calls for smart recommendations to provide an unmatched enterprise learning experience. Let employees create their own career path, receiving intuitive recommendations on what to learn next on this learning journey. With machine learning not only do the recommendations become personalised, but agile to meet the changing needs as the person moves ahead in the learning path

Skill recommendations

A skill recommendation is one-click away for your recruiters to enlist the right set of skills to hire the best candidate. Find out most relevant candidate-job connection mapping according to the skills and preferences of the hiring manager. With this even a new hiring manager would get empowered to get an accurate and precise search for the roles he or she is hiring for.

Attrition Prediction

Plan your workforce requirements with the power of predictive analytics, empowering managers and the HR department to build retention strategies well in advance and eventually minimize the risk of employee turnover.

Skill matchmaking

Embrace the power of machine learning enabling auto-matching to get the best candidates as per your defined criteria. Jinie learns while you hire, recruit the right candidates that match your job requirements ultimately enhancing your organization’s recruitment capability.

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