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Unified interface for all enterprise systems

Disparate enterprise systems making it difficult for people to get information? Jinie is the perfect solution for you. Thanks to its pre-configured APIs Jinie can seamlessly connect with all your tech systems be it Finance, HR, Sales, IT or Customers Support and can act as a single touchpoint for your people to access any data or information.

Enhanced employee connect

With jinie your people get a 24×7 access to their support systems. Be it HR, IT, Admin – all frequently asked questions can be answered in a split second improving not just the experience of the employees but also productivity of the support teams. Not just that, if there are any important announcements or notifications to be shared, Jinie can ensure that they reach everyone.

Learn better with Jinie's Insights

In a constantly changing world of work, one of the most important asks from the HR teams is the future readiness of the workforce. Well, Jinie’s got you covered. With its learning insights, your people can get periodic notifications on courses recommended to them as per their learning journeys. Not just that, Jinie can also help find courses for any aspirational role that you might want to prepare for.

Power-Up Every Aspect of Worklife


Jinie’s intelligent interface takes strides to simplify the day to day activities in an employee’s work life. Providing answers to all your queries in a click of a button. From fetching transactional data, frequently asked questions (FAQs) to some general queries that you might be interested in, Jinie has almost all the answers ready.


Leave & Attendance

Know all about your leaves, attendance and timesheet in an interactive conversational interface with Jinie. Collaborate your existing HCM with Jinie to simplify your employee’s day to day tasks.


Jinie becomes a point of contact between you and your payroll engine, delivering details, documents and forms such as ID cards, Insurance details and payslips anytime and anywhere.


Having a personal recruiting assistant is a blessing for any hiring manager who can deliver actionable insights and extra functionalities to make recruitment process simpler.

Connected interface

Explore the potential of Jinie with ability to connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Exemplify your reach with Jinie’s ability to be the bot of bots, enabling access to your entire work life activities with just a simple command.

Embeddable web widget

Get access to all that you need on your screen with Jinie’s web widget so that you never lose your sight wherever you go.

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