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Integrated Payroll Technology :  PeopleStrong Approach

Integrated Payroll Technology :  PeopleStrong Approach

Compensation management is one of the trickiest processes to oversee for any enterprise, because any errors will impact the direct payout to the employee, and the last thing that companies want is – angry employees.

At PeopleStrong, we help you gain maximum traction from your compensation workflow by automating it and assimilating it with all related processes. Our integrated payroll management system, PeopleStrong Alt Payroll has been delivering employee services across more than 5,00,000 employees spanning several geographies and time zones. We were the first cloud-based HR technology company in India to be successfully assessed on SSAE16 (earlier known as SAS 70). With strong client associations with over 175+ organizations, we are today managing more than 2,50,000 paychecks a month and compliances at over 400 locations in the country.

So, how are we able to achieve so much? By integrating our cloud-based Payroll solution with your existing structures and truly elevating your payroll management system into a far more refined experience.

Let us tell you the 3 secret ingredients in our payroll technology recipe:

  1. Technology Layer:  Alt Payroll and Alt Worklife work in sync with each other. from where all your inputs for an Attendance management system, new joiners, exits, incentives, etc. can be directly pulled out. To sweeten the deal, PeopleStrong Alt allows for easy integration with third-party portals like e-filing portals and travel portals, etc. to create a smooth Payroll management system. Such strategic partnerships enable us to give more flexibility to our clients.
  2. Service Layer:  As part of our integrated payroll solutions, a special Transition Management group is deputed to handhold the HR and Finance teams during the entire integration phase. The Offsite and Onsite Work Groups together manage the service support for the HR helpdesk, payroll and compliance management, Tax/Statutory agencies, etc.
  3. Experience layer:  By crafting a detailed yet user-friendly payroll technology solution that brings all 3 stakeholders (HR, Finance, and Employee) on the same page, we are able to give our customers a very robust, future-friendly product. While HR plugs in payroll data, calculation logics, and all statutory and tax details and owns all HR compliance and reporting, finance generates all the financial reports and controls its own compliances. What the employee gets is a seamless web and mobile experience, proactive communication via the chatbot, an 1800-support all days of the week, and provide a fantastic self-service experience At PeopleStrong, we promise to offer best-in-class HR business solutions. Payroll Management is a strength that speaks for itself via our PeopleStrong Alt Solutions- and all the glowing client testimonials.

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Payroll and HR are at the core of every organization. With a new-age workforce distributed across geographies, organizations are grappling with multiple online payroll processes, numerous pay-components, and inconsistent payroll software. Alt Payroll provides an intelligent payroll management system for building smarter workplaces. 

Get in touch with our payroll and compliance executive to know more about Alt Payroll and how we can manage your payroll better.


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