Goal Management

Goals & Performance Management Software for HR Teams

Bring Business Performance Closer to People Performance by aligning people with strategic objectives and goals.

Performance Management System

The Performance Management System design(process) & product has not been able to keep pace with ever evolving business strategy & its execution; Ram Charan wrote in his book “Execution– The Discipline of getting things done” – the future companies are the ones who will execute well in Strategy, People, and Operations.

While strategy and operations are very well defined the challenge has always been in the crucial link “people” – aligning them is the key to organizational success. Performance Management is a subject where sometimes process’ overwrite people and culture which somehow creates an environment wherein performance of an individual is judged like a beauty pageant, where you are always asked this clichéd question – “Why should you be chosen as the winner and the participants compete as to how they possess superpowers to heal the world.”

With so much cacophony around performance management – at PeopleStrong we call Performance Management System as Performance Enablement, the organizations have to first create an ecosystem for an individual to perform and we call it performance ABC’s  driving attitudes, behaviours, and capability. Even if you have best your strategy and process’ in place if your people do not have the right attitude display the right behaviours and are capable to execute their role – growth will never happen.

Performance Management Design Module

enables you to design rules to drive performance management the way you would like to drive in your organization. We believe that one size does not fit all!​

Multi Goal Framework – Select that works the best for your organization – MBO, BSC, OKR

Define Goal Frequency – Annual , Half yearly or quarterly 

Create Rules  on creation, approval, edition,  planning depth, transparency

Alt Performance gives you the power and agility to design the process best suited to your culture and processes .

Goal Setting

Company Goals – Start by giving direction to the teams by setting company level goals

Goal Alignment and Cascading – Align Individuals with company goals, showcasing their execution linkage with a large picture and purpose.  

Drive Outcomes – Capture Both Efforts ( Lead Indicators) and Outcomes ( Lag indicators) and give clarity to teams and individuals

Check In – To update where are individuals on the road map of achievement. Check in can happen 3 ways a) By integrating with CRM/ ERP b) By Excel Upload c) Individual Check’s in 

Real time performance –  View real time data on achievement on goals 

Feedback – Give on the go feedback to team members 

Performance Review​

Flexi Review Cycles – Get the power Create different review cycles for different teams, select from Annual, Half Yearly or quarterly cycles 

Performance Diary  – Create a powerful and customized review form. Capture ratings on Goals, Skills, Competencies, Learning requirement or any other feedback which you may like to capture 

Agile work flow – Define the review process workflows  from L1 or L2 

Realtime Insights – Get comprehensive insights on Performance, Potential and Participation data  

Goal Management

Alt Performance is helping companies achieve Faster Outcomes We have heard a lot of leaders talking about lack of readiness in their organization – actually it’s not readiness its fear of change and fuzzy vision of future.  So what should be done?  Bring the change now, if you don’t your competitor will. These have been are learnings so far:-

  •   Question the design of the performance management framework – it is meant to build leader boards or create an ecosystem for people to perform
  •    Keep it simple – Business imperatives (strategic) next the role I play in achieving them and how I am doing it
  •   Pay for potential – Build the team that will take you to achieve success in future or lives in the past glory?
  •    Feedback – Tell me how can I improve and do my job better now! Not when I have done it
  •    One size does not fit all – Try to make your performance design align to people, not a stiff upper lip
  •    It’s not a checklist – Do not run a process just for the heck of running it, define the core why you need to do it?
  •   Enrol people not force them into a process – enrolment has larger powers and drives accountability
  •   Start from the top – leaders have to walk the talk, there is simply no way out
  •   Highlight and showcase the positive behaviours even if they are low in numbers glorify them for others to see and follow
  •   Make it transparent – there is nothing grey here – it should be either black or white