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Designing an HR App for the Millennials

July 14, 2017
Designing an HR App for the Millennials

A budding designer is always taught to keep things clean and simple. That’s a good advice. Later, when user experience comes into the picture, the first thing that takes a hit, is simplicity and cleanliness. This is exactly the moment when an organization can easily mess up their design and compromise the look, feel, and functionalities.

The first step towards ‘design thinking’ is to take complete control.

It was the smart application of design thinking, that converted Airbnb, an almost bankrupt company into a successful worldwide venture. The new design is simple, yet completely user centric. The best part about the Airbnb app experience is the way they hold your hand through the whole booking process.

It’s a great example of how a design-based approach can avoid a crisis and make the customers fall in love with your product and re-invent your business.

Design thinking is not just an option; it’s a necessity. The perfect process to offer simple HR solutions through codified-creativity.

The fact is, most businesses work in a safe environment with pre-decided models. The scope is already limited and without a proper “design philosophy”, the complex issues will always remain unresolved.

Just like any other industry, functional design is at the center of every HR technology solutions. The ‘war for talent’ is increasing with time and companies are trying to become extra-productive.

Design thinking process at PeopleStrong – A brief overview

When a technology guy talks about ‘design thinking’, it’s a tradition to write an elaborative piece about the process. But instead of talking about the whole process, I’d like to chat about how we formulated our product.

You see, experts at PeopleStrong believe in constant data crunching. We have a brilliant design team with a knack for picking up even the smallest of visual and functional instincts.

The Human Capital Management app is a top-notch product used primarily by millennials. Keeping the target market in mind, we decided to step outside the paradigm of conventional problem-solving formulas, looking for new ways to be creative, resourceful, and a little bold, much like the millennials that we are dealing with.

“For example, the PeopleStrong mobile app has a feature of marking attendance through geo-tagging. Not only it helps to keep track of the workforce, a lot of valuable time is saved in the process. For an employee, it’s an amazing way to manage your attendance in 10 seconds.

Also, I’m sure you remember the old school process to print a physical bill and get it approved for reimbursements. With Human Capital Management app, the employee can directly take the picture of the bill, and send it for approval in not more than 30 seconds. A crucial process completed with a few taps on your mobile.”

We believe the function of HR is changing. There is a massive requirement for the traditional responsibilities to be carried out in a faster, smoother, and more productive way.

Let the design thinking work for your product (and your customers), removing the unnecessary workplace complexity!

Have a look at a few valuable lessons that completely changed our design philosophy:

1. Don’t use a lot where a little will do

Especially when you consider that simplicity is also a major attribute that defines millennials. We don’t tell users how things are and what they need to do next. Instead, the whole process moves forward organically.

2. Unification can solve most design problems

For everything to work perfectly, the visual style, interaction methods, and information architecture should be unified. The eventual target is to reduce the number of steps for the end users and save their time. These are also some basic attributes that millennials desire and expect in a functional app. By working on this, we were able to:

  • Kill the passwords and use other modes of authentication.
  • Unify all the multiple entry points.
  • Create an inclusive workspace.

We believe most things should be available with a single tap, making it easy to participate. We planned our design according to the degree of importance of information. Once the priorities are set, working on a unified design is not difficult.

3. Mobile first for mobile natives

Millennials engage with products and services in a personalized manner. This is a technologically stimulated generation which believes in mobile first solutions. Being able to conduct business while on the go is a crucial feature. That’s why we designed the app to provide the instant immediacy on all fronts.


Needless to say, a resourceful app should offer an enriching experience filled with human connections to generate fresh ideas. The only way you can achieve this is by putting your creativity to work. The idea is to simplify and automate.

It’s no longer about transaction – It’s about interaction

This is the age of employee-centric solutions and organizations are looking for customized cloud-based HR solutions for sourcing, recruitment, performance, and employee engagement.

I can promise that you should expect more innovations in future as well. Stay ready for the next level people management systems. As they say, the disruption has already started.

Are you ready for the shift!

PeopleStrong’s Recruitment Technology (Recruit) is a smart, scalable and one-stop recruitment solution for hiring the top talent. It is not merely an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), rather is AI-enabled, Unified, Intuitive and Intelligent recruitment platform which powers end-to-end hiring processes of 100+ organization across the globe. It is integrated with 50+ candidate sourcing channels, processes over 1 million candidates per year and rolls out 60,000+ joining offers per year.

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