Jinie, automating the employee experience, engagement and productivity

The AI powered conversational chatbot, Talent Coach and more

Jinie becomes a single touch-point for your people to access data and information from throughout your business

Helpdesk automation

PeopleStrong’s virtual assistant Jinie simplifies the day to day activities in an employee’s work life. From Frequently Asked Questions to finding a case study or company policy document, Jinie centralises access to your organisation’s data, providing answers to all queries in the click of a button.

Universal data access

Connect Jinie seamlessly with your CRM, ERP, HR systems and calendars to enable employees to access leave balances and timesheets. Jinie becomes a point of contact with your payroll engine; delivering details, documents and forms such as ID cards, insurance details and payslips. Explore the potential of Jinie with the ability to connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Jinie can become your “super-power” enabling access to all work life activities with just a simple command.

Do everything in one place

Remove the need to log into multiple applications to perform actions. Send emails, check and apply for
leave, view rosters and much more. Just let Jinie find what you need and then action it.

Embeddable web widget

Jinie’s web widget allows you to connect with your existing tools such as MS Teams or Slack ensuring the user is able to get to the information they need quickly and easily

Employee Engagement

Use Jinie to check in on employee mood and keep a finger on the pulse with polls and on-demand surveys. Send regular updates and friendly reminders.

Helpful prompts and notifications

Jinie remembers and notifies you when you forget. Get reminders on unread emails, pending tasks and much more. Jinie keeps employees up to date with reminders and notifications.

Course recommendations

Let employees create their own career path, receiving intuitive recommendations on what to learn next on their learning journey. With machine learning not only do the recommendations become personalised, they become agile to meet the changing needs as the employee moves ahead in the learning path.

Skill recommendations

Use Jinie to find the most relevant candidate-job connection, mapping according to the skills and preferences of the hiring manager. With this even a new hiring manager would be empowered to get an accurate and precise search for the roles they are hiring for.

Attrition Prediction

Plan your workforce requirements with the power of predictive analytics, empowering managers and your HR team to build retention strategies well in advance, reducing the risk of employee turnover.

Skill matchmaking

Embrace the power of machine learning enabling auto-matching to get the best candidates as per your defined criteria. Jinie learns while you hire, recruit the right candidates that match your job requirements ultimately enhancing your organization’s recruitment capability.

Expenses management

Remove the need to manually enter every detail for reimbursement of expenses with Jinie’s bill parsing mechanism, enabling expenses management to be just a snapshot away.

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