Culture @ PeopleStrong

1. A Wealth Creator for People

We value our employees and help create wealth for them!

Employees at PeopleStrong, across support and business functions, are awarded with a wealth amount of certain % of Base Gross Salary. Employee wealth plan is unique in the industry with annual vesting plan, enabling the employees to meet short-term as well as long-term financial needs.

26% of total employee strength has been benefited from the Wealth Plan who own 18% of the overall company in the form of stock.

2. ‘Go for Moon’ Performance

We have a clear vision and work everyday to achieve it. And when it is done, it is time for a celebration.

Peoplists, through years, have been getting awards like cars, iPads, Royal Enfield bikes, international trips worth up to 2,00,000 and cash prize worth Rs. 1,00,000 (annually). To recognise consistent exceptional performance, peoplists get rewarded monetarily from time to time.

3. Talent Acquisition – NINJA way

Talent Acquisition function has evolved and improved globally with the help of tracking basic metrics. However, it is still facing challenges in terms of getting resources, hiring in time, the sheer quality of hires etc. All the organizations end up losing millions of dollars due to productivity loss because people managers waste hours on interviewing candidates.

At PeopleStrong, we do it NINJA style. Thanks to NINJA ( No Interview Job Application), all we need to do is churn out candidate profiles on all the parameters defined for the role which provided clarity on the current competencies and flag-areas of the candidate through our data-driven technology.

Since the launch, NINJA has not only saved half a million dollars the process has eliminated the individual biases and the collective fear of losing talent due to erratic interviews. Even the quality of hires through this process is 20% better than our earlier process.