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We are peoplists. We work in a high energy workspace which enables our
people to be the best they can be. Striving to bring joy, energy, and meaning to work, we go above and beyond to ensure that the New Code of Work reaches every worker across the globe.

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What kind of work culture does PeopleStrong have?

PeopleStrong is the breeding ground for entrepreneurs, people who raise hands to deliver outcomes, no matter what the circumstances are. It is an environment where one can experiment and learn, iterate and perfect while enjoying the adventure of writing the new code of work.

What about my development?

We believe people care is good business, and that is the reason our development programs are designed keeping an individual’s all round growth in mind. With programs like “Purpose-Goal-Philosophy” which focuses on “self-growth” beyond skills at work , lead from front program designed for first time managers we ensure that our people are taken care of .

How can I grow in PeopleStrong?

The organization structure allows both vertical and horizontal career movement and growth. You are encouraged to take up challenging roles that meet organizational goals.


We serve people every day and work together with a common vision, which makes each one a part of one big team called PeopleStrong.

Be part of our think tank with the brightest brains from IITs, IIMs, and other premium institutes to build HR-tech for future.

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We are redesigning worklife by providing the digital tools that empower H.R. We have ventured across borders from H.R. Services to SaaS, PaaS based products. And with vigour, we continue to explore new avenues every day.

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We believe in people’s potential; potential that is unrealized and that can be developed into skills.We ensure growth by continuous learning and focus on skill development while creating a balance. Work with us to learn through

Experience Joy, Energy and Meaning

Our purpose is to bring Joy, Energy and Meaning to work.We are peoplists- our value gets translated into culture through our best practices. Learn about new code of work with us

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