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Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing to change recruiter’s role in recruitment

Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing to change recruiter’s role in recruitment

Technology has been rapidly changing our world of work. Every facet of the talent landscape is being impacted by technology tools from talent acquisition to talent management. We all understand that optimal use of technology will enable more intimate and hum an interactions across various talent processes while also enhancing our ability to capture information, identify trends, and make efficient decisions. Thus technology is now front & centre on the talent management strategy in most organisations.

As per global recruiting trends 2017 by LinkedIn 83% of more than 4000 executives said talent is their No. 1 priority. The reason is simple more than 20 percent of all workers change jobs every year, so companies have to be constantly looking for talent to fulfil their business needs.

With so much happening in redesigning of the recruitment process, the biggest impact of these technologies is obviously on the recruiter. The role of recruiter is rapidly changing to that of a subject matter expert with deep understanding of not just the process of talent acquisition & all its parts, but also that of understanding the talent landscape, identifying the culture fit and ensuring the process of talent acquisition is human despite use of various technology tools. This will cause the recruiter to ensure a balance between data focused analytical skills and people focused social skills.

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