What makes us different by design?

At PeopleStrong, we aspire to design the best experience for every user we touch, irrespective of the industry they belong to or the work they do. And below are the key elements of our architecture that help us do that.

Single Source Code

We have built our products on a single codebase, which means all our customers and users get access to a single security model and one source of truth.

Single source code also means that all our users get instant access to the latest experiences that we build for them.

With a single code, we share the responsibility of application integration with our customers, who get prebuilt connectors to make the most complex integrations easy and ensure that everything works across updates

The best part? Our updates take hours, not years or months, and we carry the burden of the update so that our customers don’t have to.

Native Workflows

Our comprehensive understanding of the industries we serve has helped us build a robust workflow engine that is capable of handling any complexity.

The native workflow engine can be configured as per the needs of the customers and that too right from the user interface.

With the functionality to create custom rules, we extend the possibilities of our creations to accommodate every possible scenario.

Data Lake

Ease of accessing Data is one of the key benefits PeopleStrong users get and our data lake is what helps us provide it.

Our products manage over 10 million transactions every month and a lot of those happen concurrently. Data lake ensures this is managed without impacting the user experience.

With the data lake, connecting data from discrete business apps are so simple. So basically, our business leaders get access to centralized data and can pull any report, on any device, and use the insights to strategically guide their decisions.

And finally, the data lake enhances our machine learning capabilities by almost double, ensuring that our products are more intelligent than any other product in the market.

Micro Services

The whole idea of a progressive workforce is changing, with a distributed yet collaborative approach being the need of the hour. At PeopleStrong, we micro-analyze these requirements and focus on delivering services oriented for a smaller and more independent way of working.

Flexibility is of the utmost importance when we work with technology, providing our technology services a leeway to adapt, evolve and explore the latest innovations for our customers at a faster pace.

Our platform can manage millions of complex transactions and queries per month, as each microservice can be deployed and scaled independently.

Meta Data-driven

Our meta-data driven approach helps us in providing the highest level of flexibility to our customers

Configurable Form fields remove the need for code change to handle custom requirements, which is unheard of in typical enterprise applications

Fine-grained access control helps us ensure that controls are in place as per the role of the users.