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Vineet Pandita

Chief Technology Officer, PeopleStrong

Vineet serves as the CTO working towards building a world-class HR Tech Product Suite for the global markets at PeopleStrong.

Work Mode

Vineet loves building software and architecting large systems that scale well and deliver value to the end users. He obsesses over the products he ships and efficiency of teams that he manages. He likes to see the forest over the trees ; setting long term agendas and then executing them to fruition.

He has a master’s degree in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Mumbai University.

Life Mode

Outside of work, Vineet can be found either chilling with his family or reading non-fiction. Being a Gemini he is just curious about everything as such ends up buying more books than he can read. He lifts weights three times a week and is yet to crack the physique he thinks he should have. We wish him well in these endeavours!


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