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Kiran Kumar

Founding Member & Chief Strategy Officer, PeopleStrong

As the Chief Strategy Officer, Kiran leads PeopleStrong's expansion in high-growth markets ensuring profitable growth in alignment with the company’s business strategy.

Work Mode

Under his leadership, PeopleStrong has grown to become the fastest-growing HR SaaS Company across Asia Pacific. Kiran is the proud recipient of PeopleStrong’s highest honour, the Purple Crown, for creating organisational impact by leading our sales warriors from the front.

Before PeopleStrong, Kiran was a part of Aricent’s corporate HR team, where he played a pivotal role in SAP implementation and other HRIT related initiatives.

Life Mode

Kiran stays active through cricket, badminton and table tennis, while sharpening the mind with Spirituality, hoping to understand the deeper realms with answers to questions like ‘Who am I’ and ‘What is my life purpose’.

Kiran is also known to surround himself with food or books on entrepreneurship and management. Often at times both.


Vendor Of The Award 2021
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