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Unleash the True Potential of Your Workforce to Drive Agility & Growth

AI-Powered, integrated Talent OS lets you hire, mentor, retain, and engage your future-ready workforce

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A Talent Operating System that Delivers Insight, Agility and Speed

A Simple and Intuitive platform to build your workforce capability, drive strategy execution and propel your business growth.

real time talent

Real time talent insights based on an employee’s skills and career interests.

learning paths

Personalised learning paths, driven by AI and Machine Learning

end to end visibility

Smooth integration to provide end-to-end visibility


‘Jinie’ an AI-Powered talent coach

enterprise grade 1

Enterprise-grade security, built for scale

Build High Performing Teams
that Deliver Critical Business Outcomes

1 Recruit
2 Onboarding
3 Performance
4 Career and Skills
5 Learning
1 Recruit

Hire smarter, to hire the best

Transform your hiring team with our AI-powered recruitment engine. Create a seamless, faster hiring experience- that both your recruiters & candidates will love!

  • Advanced sourcing capabilities
  • Intelligent skill recommendation
  • Auto-match relevant candidate resumes
  • Integrate your job listings with social media platforms, internal portals, and 350+ job boards
2 Onboarding

Make their first experience - a delight

Create an automated, personalised onboarding experience for each new hire

  • Hassle-free, paperless remote onboarding
  • Configurable checklists and onboarding surveys
  • Single view dashboard with candidate summary
3 Performance

Bring business performance closer to people performance

Building an efficient and high- performance culture to bring out the best in your workforce

  • Supports all frameworks – MBO/BSC/OKR
  • Flexible, intelligent, and performance-centric
  • People analytics for better succession planning
4 Career and Skills

Identify skill gaps and execute talent development pathways

Crafting personalised career and skill advancement paths for your employees

  • Auto-assign skill-matched courses
  • Monitor progress made on learning
  • Personalised approach for each employee
5 Learning

Building capabilities to drive agility and growth

Shaping learning experiences with our customised AI and machine-learning powered learning portal

  • Create, assign, measure and grade on the go
  • Industry-standard courses across multiple verticals and domains
  • Dashboard to understand each learner’s path
6 Succession Planning

Build a robust talent pipeline for all your mission-critical positions

Enabling continuous succession planning and internal mobility based on verified skills and experiences

  • Fill critical position gaps in a jiffy
  • Create centralized succession plans and talent pools
  • Competency frameworks
null superapp to manage people, processes, and EX. talent-focused enterprise.

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