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How an Integrated workforce management system delivers business benefits

July 31, 2019
By marketing peoplestrong
How an Integrated workforce management system delivers business benefits

As part of an organizational chart, HR looks like a formidable function- the immense task of linking people with processes and protocol is not an easy one. But in reality, HR systems sometimes work in independent silos, detached from core business and employee needs. This causes a lot of needless delays in paperwork, payroll processing etc.

Adopting integrated HR workforce platforms can bring about massive business benefits for eg. In case India’s largest financial company, integrated workforce management reduced the revenue leak due to disconnected systems by a whopping  90% !

How did they do that ? By transitioning on to a system that gives them a single window access to consolidated data that is housed centrally.  Every user, be it a client or an employee, gets the same unified view online or via the mobile app. This interoperability enables a seamless flow of information, which immediately impacts user experience and productivity.

All critical areas of an employee life-cycle – right from recruitment, onboarding, attendance & leave management,  payroll , travel and expense management, legal & compliance, performance management and exit management –  get transitioned smoothly on our HR SaaS Solutions. No more wasting time dredging up multiple worksheets or trying to merge documents to compile your data. Any piece of information or analysis is available at the click of a few buttons.

To keep your people and your enterprise abreast with the pace and direction of overall growth, its high time you find one unified answer to all your HR worries. And we are right here, giving it to you.

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