Timesheet and Attendance Management

Real-time Timesheet and Attendance Management System
Experience real-time timesheet and attendance management system with preset policy and approval modules, flexible shift and roster management and much more with Alt Worklife.

Geotagging and Fencing
Geotagging and IP based attendance feature enormously simplifies the process of attendance tracking. It enables to maintain records and know more about the employees.

Attendance Reports
Alt Worklife allows to download and maintain organization-wide employee attendance records. Managers can access multiple customized reports whenever required.

Automated Reminders
Forgot to swipe-in or swipe-out? Alt Worklife is there to remind you. The employees will get automated timely reminders for marking the attendance or timesheet whenever you miss one.

Manager’s View
Alt Worklife widens a manager’s horizon about employee attendance and shift details on a single screen. Reducing the hassle of managing individual entries.

Attendance Regularization
If you miss marking your attendance or it does not reflect in the system, simply regularize it on Alt Worklife with a few simple clicks.

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