Separation Management

Ensure organization Ambassadors
Saying good-bye on a high note ensures that while you might have lost an employee, but you will always have an ambassador.

Smooth Separation Experience
Whatever be the reason, make it the smoothest employee experience. Set up custom separation workflows for voluntary separation, termination, absconding or retirement. Also, assign functionality to track exit survey from such employees.

Following Org Rules
Having a defined rulebook in place makes such processes smooth and transparent. Manage exit approval workflows that best aligns with your organization policy.

Pre-Defined Approval Procedures
Create automated clearance checklists for a smoother approval procedure. This ensures parity and transparency in the whole system. And brings all teams – be it HR, IT Finance and Admin together to ensure a smooth no dues process.

Financial Settlements
Experience faster updates during Full and Final settlement process via consolidated integrations with payroll management systems, so that everything ends on a happy note.

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