Alt Worklife Leave Management System

Streamlining the process for your organisation

What is Leave Management System?

A leave management system manages all employee requests for leave by streamlining and automating workflows such as leave application, modification, approval and more, ensuring the smooth functioning of all leave related operations.

PeopleStrong Alt Worklife

The leave management module in PeopleStrong Alt Worklife is designed with years of experience to provide an automated and hassle-free leave management for enterprises big or small.

Simplified leave management

Leave management is a breeze with Alt Worklife, covering everything your organisation needs starting from creating leave requests, reviewing leave balances, adding comments, submitting requests and finally multi-level approvals workflow all with a few taps.

Customisable workflow

Alt Worklife initiates a faster and easier leave approval mechanism by implementing automated workflows and the use of custom leave policies that work with your organisation's leave structure requirements. Configure as many leave types as you require, each with their own policy, or simply offer a single unlimited paid leave – whatever your organisation needs.

Powerful manager view

Provide a single place for managers to view, receive and approve leave requests with Alt Worklife’s mobile or web portal. Managers can also initiate bulk leave approvals for their team and can apply for leave on behalf of their team members when required.

Automate leave processing with Jinie

Give more power to your employees with PeopleStrong’s virtual assistant Jinie. Simply chat with Jinie to manage every leave query with an inbuilt leave tracker, leave application and approval process all in the one place.

Seamless year-end leave processing

Automate all leave year-end processing for employees as per your organisation’s policies. Alt Worklife’s HR management software allows flexibility to customise the leave process for your entire organisation based on location, grades, job type, and much more.

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