Alt Learning

Never stop learning

Train people. Measure results. Drive growth.

Course management

Alt Learning provides an all-round experience in creating, managing and implementing customised enterprise learning programmes, with a simple drag and drop interface for Administrators

Ability to create LMS training content with Industry-leading Scorm and Tin Can (xAPI) systems

Ability to create custom certifications directly from the admin panel within minutes

Robust assessment engine supports a range of configurations with extensive analysis

Advanced Learning delivery

Enhance employee engagement with blended learning possibilities, from instructor-led training to interactive courses

Alt Learning’s intuitive content-rich course catalogue has access to audio, visual and interactive user experience options across platforms

Drive higher course completion rates through real-time customisable reminders, automated emails and app notifications

Connect and engage your peers anywhere, with support for a personalised learning path for each learner

Tracking and reporting

Use reports and dashboards to track activity, review performance and gain insights

Simplify course attendance and enrolment procedures with mobile-based QR code scanning

Maximise the data flow between Alt Learning and your other applications to uncover actionable insights to improve overall business performance

Anytime and anywhere access

Be it employee, trainer, partner or customer, Alt Learning ensures access to users anytime, anywhere and on any device

Alt Learning provides a complete corporate training experience with multi-platform access over the web, android and IOS

We ensure your enterprise learning with industry benchmark security standards

Enterprise ready – Personalised learning portal

LMS integration with Single Sign-on access, support for LDAP, SAML2 and Active Directory

Reduce manual administrator tasks with automated bulk actions and pre-built procedures

Address your global workforce’s training needs with multi-lingual support

Personalise your learning experience with your organisation’s branding and customised profiles for your employees, administrators and partners

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