Alt Builder

If you can imagine It, you can build it.

DIY. Bring ideas to life


Developers Needed

20 mins

To get an app ready


To Choose From


Comprehensive Rule Engine

Dynamic form builder

Design forms for your organisation on the

Drag and drop from a rich library of form

Dynamically bound data in fields with PeopleStrong Alt (Global object)

Robust workflow and
rule engine

Create custom workflow on demand

Create multi-level workflows using stage transition rules that involve multiple user interactions

Access a library of workflows and rules

Identify the process criteria and automatically update or create new records, emails and tasks, or submit approval requests in a few simple steps without any code

Visualise the entire process in one place to design and collaborate directly with the business

Security control

Define multi-level role-based access

Create an app configured for the users

Single sign-on with PeopleStrong Alt and other dynamic apps

Unified data connect

Easy integration with Enterprise People Data

Extend the experience of people with dynamic apps


Allows users access to multiple intuitive reports

Extensive reporting about everything within the given development environment

Build what you want, with Alt Builder