Alt Analytics

Don’t get lost in rows and columns

Get up to speed with information that matters

Vital information in insightful formats

Cockpit view

Alt Analytics allows you to view data from
all systems, allowing for better actionable insights to make decisions that lead to production business results today and beyond

Unfold the answers from your systems and
see the information right on the home screen


Alt Analytics empowers decision making with a predictive engine that gives hindsight and foresight in the one place

Convert increasingly big data sets into
stories and dive into an immersive experience to see the story unfold

Customised charts and dashboard

Unify your data to explore the insights on a single screen by instantly creating configurable dashboards with simple drag and drop functionality

Define your metrics to analyse business
analytics and the decision-making process

Analyse relationships between multiple
dimensions easily by adding multiple measures

Create customised dashboards with custom charts

Comprehensive reports

Create custom reports for a specific view
of the organisation, download in a PDF/PPT format

Analyse reports on demand with Alt Analytics and measure the business impacts in terms of talent management, workforce planning and more

Understand the hidden details and trends that allow implementable insights for business growth

“What if” simulators

“What If” your costs are exceeding the budgets? “What If” you need to increase the hiring in your company? Alt Analytics lets you create and simulate workforce decisions with ease so that you are prepared before taking any action.

Make sense of your data with Alt Analytics