Alt Worklife Payroll Employee Self Services

What is Payroll Employee Self Services?

Payroll Employee self-service (ESS) in HR Tech enables employees to manage all payroll capabilities, such as accessing pay slips, applying for reimbursement, updating personal information, and accessing company benefits information, log work time and hours, update taxes and deduction amounts, and business travel management – all such tasks which were earlier maintained by management or administrative staff.

PeopleStrong Alt Worklife

PeopleStrong’s payroll employee self-services powers employee experience with an end-to-end payroll giving employees the control over their payroll related information. PeopleStrong provides an integrated HR solution with seamlessly connected leave and payroll management so that your employees access the right information always.

Accessing Payroll Information

View payslips, total earnings statements, Reimbursement statements and Reimbursement claims, and PF and YTD statements. Also, view details related to loans or advances like installments paid, balance payable on the go, through mobile or web just the way you need.

Simplifying Payroll ESS

Get everything on a single screen within the portal to ensure employees do not miss important submission deadlines such as updates investment declarations, FBP submissions, and reimbursement claims.

Efficient Tax Management

Tax management has never been so simple, with PeopleStrong’s payroll module View, upload, update, and submit the best tax-saving plan for payroll consideration helping you plan your investments better.

Employee Payroll Reports

Access all the salary and reimbursement related reports for both employees and managers in one place. Having access to a detailed and consolidated view of all payroll information is something every employee looks for.

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