Alt Worklife Core HR

Single View of Entire Employee Life Cycle with All Core HR Functions

What is Core HR?

Core HR (Core Human Resources) is an umbrella term that includes basic HR processes including the collection of employee information and processes pertaining to the employees. It is often used to refer to different things that include:

  • Basic HR processes & core HR functions
  • Employee information & data
  • Also, as a shortened form of Core HR Software.

Core HR Information

Core HR includes every aspect of employee information like employee personal information, payroll, and salary information, leave and attendance information, claims and reimbursements and much more.

Core HR Software

Core HR software is the central repository for all the information and enables HR department to view, update and extract valuable information as and when required.

PeopleStrong Alt Worklife

The core HR module in PeopleStrong Alt Worklife unifies access to employee-related information through HRIS so that all core HR processes can be streamlined & automated.

Unified Organization View

Experience a comprehensive home page with updates on tasks, leave and attendance, important announcements, birthdays, anniversaries, and new employees.

Employee Database Management

Know everything about your employees with a comprehensive employee directory. Capture employee information from all integrated functions such as personal, skills, payroll, trainings and much more.

Employee Movements

Build simplified workflows for easy employee movements enabling HR functions with transfers, confirmations, and promotions. Easily track and record employee transitions across positions, grades, designations, departments, or locations.

Simplified Approval Workflows

Set personalized approval workflows for reviewing, validating, and approving employee data defined to designated stakeholders for seamless processes.

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