Alt Performance

Agile & Continuous Performance

Bringing Business Performance Closer To People Performance

Best-in-class Features




Deploy Multiple Goal Frameworks in different teams


Leverage Analytics

Real-time performance score to individual, manager and CXO’s

Designed for the user

Intuitive product design and
simple UIs

Drive Performance Review frequency for different teams

Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly &


Dynamic Rule Engine & APIs to talk with other system of records

Actionable Insights (Powered by AI)

Give digital assistance & coach to every employee

Roadmap to make Performance Management a snap

Goal Management

Align people with strategic objectives and enhance accountability among teams

Cascade initiatives to different functions and teams

Configure any goal management workflow- MBO, OKRs, BSCs – all or any of it

CFR (Continuous Feedback & Recognition)

Get 360 performance and development feedback

Ensure upward feedback for managerial capability

Get balanced and complete view of employee performance & provide 1-1 feedback

Identify top and bottom performers with a single click

Assess performance with visualization tools. View, compare, and share ratings in a single dashboard

Performance Review & Appraisal

Reduce the hard-line separation between strategy and execution

Create quarterly/bi-yearly strategic objectives

Bring agility to drive your strategic plans

Create action plans and track through key metrics

People Analytics

Improve performance with instant feedback, review on the go

Enable continuous performance conversations on goals

Recognize and celebrate people achievements

Get 1-on-1 support and actionable insights through Jinie – PeopleStrong's Machine Learning Engine

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