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Learning technology has taken leaps and bounds in creating a synergy between the learning graph of the new hires with the existing ones in an organization. Alt Learning let’s new hires experience a seamless on-boarding experience.

Extend onboarding into learning and development

Effective onboarding gets your new hires excited about their new roles and inspires them to seek out opportunities for professional development. Engaged employees are approximately 90% more likely to stay with their organizations.

Enable continuous learning

Use onboarding to bring new hires on board with your organization’s learning culture by providing them opportunities to consume relevant materials across multiple verticals & domains, contribute knowledge, and be recognized for it.

Centralize all activities in a single system

Gather instant insight to understand the efficiency and effectiveness of your onboarding activities, and its impact on overall L&D strategy and review learner performance to identify if there are any gaps that need filling.

On-road to create future leaders

Alt Learning initiates a holistic approach to learning that encompasses formal, social and experiential learning which stays for a lifetime. Also, skills management becomes a very crucial aspect of creating an ever-learning environment.

Produce experiences that will last a lifetime

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Alt Learning focuses on personalizing the learning journey by understanding individualized learning styles, interests and track records.

Allow data to guide learning & development decision-making

Track and manage the impact learning is having on your business. Build customized dashboards and reports to uncover data-driven conclusions that help you continually improve how L&D activities connect with your learners.

Focused career path

Having a customized career path for every individual allows an organization to prepare future leaders for different verticals from day one. A defined continuous learning path enables an individual to plan a better career.

Engaging employees like never before

Today’s most progressive companies know that employees expect and desire training as a benefit as valuable Training is now perceived as a more compelling factor to join an organization even more than salary. People know that continuous learning not only helps them perform better day-to-day, but it also allows them to design a more satisfying long-term career path.

Create Individual Development Plans (IDP)

Individual development planning creates an opportunity for the organization by aligning employee training and development efforts with its mission, goals, and objectives. Create more realistic staff and development plans which enable Employees to take personal responsibility and accountability for their career development, acquiring or enhancing the skills they need to stay current in required skills.

Higher involvement via course self-enrolment

A self-enrollment function empowers learners to seek out opportunities on their own, enhancing learner autonomy and overall engagement with the learning platform.

Connect with the workforce of the future

A mobile-first approach of Alt Learning enables the users to access the platform anytime, anywhere with a primary focus on the user’s comfort.

Multi-platform access

Alt Learning platform is optimized for Web, iOS and Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, to deliver an unparalleled synchronized user experience on every ecosystem possible.

Course management

Alt Learning provides an all-round experience in creating, managing and implementing customized enterprise learning programs with a simple drag and
drops Admin Interface

Ability to create Learning Management Systems (LMSs) training content with Industry-leading Scorm & Tin Can (xApi) systems

Robust Assessment engine supports a range of configurations with extensive analysis 

Ability to create custom certifications directly from the admin panel within minutes

Advanced Learning delivery

Enhance employee engagement with blended learning possibilities from instructor-led
training to interactive courses

Alt learning’s intuitive content-rich course catalog with access to audio, visual or interactive user experience across platforms

Get real-time custom reminders through automated emails and app notifications to drive higher course completion rates

Connect and engage with your peers anywhere with Support for personalized learning paths for every learner

Tracking and reporting

Track your learner’s activity, review performance and gain insights to examine learning and development impact with reports and dashboards

Simplify course attendance and enrolment procedures with mobile-based QR code scanning

Maximize the data flow between Alt Learning and your enterprise applications to uncover actionable insights to improve the overall business performance

Anytime and anywhere access

Be it an employee, trainer, partner or a customer, Alt Learning ensures them gain anytime, anywhere, any-device access

Alt Learning is tuned for a complete corporate training experience with Multi-platform access over Web, Android, and IOS

We ensure your Enterprise learning with industry benchmark security standards  

Enterprise ready – Personalised learning portal

LMS Integration with Single-Sign-On access. Support for LDAP, SAML2 and active directory

Alt learning is a cloud-powered Learning management system enabling a continuous learning experience

Slash Learning and Development administrators’ task with automated bulk actions and pre-built procedures

Address your global workforce’s training needs with multilingual support

Personalize your learning experience with organization branding, custom profiles for
employees, administrators and partners

Single-Sign-On access. Support for LDAP, SAML2 and active directory.

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